Tax Resolution Services

Accounting and CPA Exam Tutoring Service LLC tax resolution services are here to help resolve your tax problems.

Here’s a list of our tax resolution services and how we can help:

Tax Notice Penalty and Interest Assessment

Review and accuracy analysis of penalties and interest assessed by state and federal tax authorities.

Federal and State Tax Notice Remediation

The IRS and state tax authorities often send notices and letters to the taxpayer advising of them of an issue with their filed tax return. These notices or letters if gone unanswered can lead to serious tax problems for the taxpayer. Work to resolve and respond to taxpayer notices and letters. And, reduce penalties and interest.

Failure to File a Tax Return

Prepare and file all delinquent tax returns. There is no statute of limitation for unfiled tax returns. Every moment the tax return goes unfiled, interest and penalties are adding up. In some cases, a tax refund can turn into a tax debt. If the tax authorities file a substitute tax return before you do, they'll send you a notice of your potential tax liability. And, if unanswered, that filing becomes final.

Installment Agreement

Apply for a payment plan to payoff taxpayer's tax liability. Although, the taxpayer can workout a payment plan on their own. It is best to have a trained tax professional to work out the details of your payment plan and amount owed.

Offers-in- Compromise

Offers in compromise is an attempt to reduce the tax debt owed to the IRS or state tax authorities. Offers in compromise are often difficult and requires a trained tax professional to work out reducing your tax debt.

Spousal Relief

At times, married couples are unaware of their spouse’s tax debts. As a result, when filing a joint tax return previous debts may be settled with the tax refund of a joint return. This can pose problems for the other spouse. We work to remediate a spousal's nontax liability.

Audit Notification

Sometimes, a taxpayer’s return is selected for audit or examination to review the discrepancies or errors that have occurred. As such, the tax authority wants to sit with you to review your return and address these discrepancies for future filings.

Wage Garnishment

Has your wages been garnish by the IRS or state tax authorities?


In an effort to collect what is owed to the IRS or state tax authorities, they can legally seize your property to satisfy a tax debt. Is your property under seizure?


Tax liens occur when a demand for payment has not been satisfied, the IRS or state tax authorities put a claim on your property and give notice to other creditors about their right to your property to satisfy a tax debt.

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