What Works: CPA Exam Study Tips

For those of you studying or planning to start studying for the CPA exam, we wanted to check in and see how your studies are going! Studying while working can be a challenge. Even if you're studying and not working, the challenge is the same. You have to understand the material in order to pass the exam. And, having someone to talk to when you run into a problem can be a big help.

Learn more about the exam and how our team at Accounting and CPA Exam Tutoring Service LLC in Somerset can help!


Studying for the Exam

Passing the CPA exam or any exam requires a discipline of consistent study, usually 15 to 20 hours per week that is planned ahead of time. Those who pass an exam know what they will be studying, how much time they will be studying, and when. For example; today I will be studying bonds from 7pm to 9 or 10 pm. And, what they don’t complete today gets added to their study schedule for tomorrow.

The next step is how to study? Watching the videos can help acclimate you to the subject. But, won’t help you answer questions or SIM problems. Reading through the text will probably be more useful than watching the videos because you can highlight and take notes for study and review later. The real studying starts when you begin working through the multiple choice questions and SIM problems as they are designed to take a deeper dive into the material.


Some Pointers

How to pass the exam is to focus on multiple choice questions and SIMs. Make sure you take good notes on the questions you got wrong so you can refer back later. Your notes should be short and not wordy for easy study and review. They should include the concept that was asked, and the rules and calculations that apply. At the end of each study session, you should have a clear set of notes.

The next day before diving into the practice questions, review your notes. More often than not, concepts previously studied will pop-up in your practice session to test your memory recall and help reinforce the concepts, rules, and calculations. It’s important to get a handle on the material as you go. Additionally, work to create a study routine that allows you to review and practice previously studied subjects to help keep the material fresh in mind.


Benefits of a Tutor

Using us as your tutor can benefit your studies. At Accounting and CPA Exam Tutoring Service LLC, we use a hands-on approach to help you learn the material. We practice applying the concepts to multiple choice questions and SIMs. Throughout the process, you will learn how to create a good set of notes.

We also provide you with a list of subjects most often tested so you know what subjects to focus on. That way, you get the how and what to study. When combined with your regimen of daily study, you should be on your way to passing the exam.


What's a Session Like

During our tutoring session you can ask questions, take notes, and participate in the learning process making it a more effective way of learning. The session helps you focus on the big picture and the concepts associated with it. And, how to apply the concept to multiple questions and SIMs becomes a valuable way of learning.

What we do is different from most tutoring services and probably more time consuming since it simulates a real study session. You tell us what subjects or topics you need help with and we design the study session to do just that! No shortcuts or tricks — just hands on honest learning!

Let’s get started!

If you want the benefit of hands-on learning and the ability to ask questions and work through problems, then I suggest you give us a call at Accounting and CPA Exam Tutoring Service LLC in Somerset today.

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